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LOL Happy New Year

Hello, everyone. When we have no time to take into account the passage of time, the bell of 2022 has quietly arrived. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, our company would like to extend the best wishes and sincere greetings to you and your families in the New Year.

Today, we gather here with great joy to celebrate the year 2021, which is full of hardships and achievements, and to bless the year 2022, which is full of vitality and hope. Looking back, every bit is wonderful. 2021 is a year of steady development of the company, and also a year of gradual growth of all departments and employees. Everyone’s hard work, success and frustration have left footprints for the company’s development, and their hard work has left many praiseworthy stories for the company. Therefore, in 2021, efficiency comes from the passion of all employees, and achievements belong to the efforts of all employees. The new 2022 is the most critical year for the company’s development. We need to continue to adhere to the market orientation, strengthen product research and development, improve product quality management, reasonably control product costs, serve more customers, and make our products more competitive in the market.

We need to take the new year as a new starting point, a new task and a new challenge. We are still full of pride to say goodbye to the old year, and we are always confident to welcome the new year. In 2022, an environment full of challenges and opportunities, I hope, and I firmly believe, that all employees will work together, innovate, and work hard with a down-to-earth style, indomitable spirit, and perseverance to create a more brilliant and brilliant tomorrow!

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Post time: Feb-01-2022